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Wanted: solicitors for SQE assessments

By Monidipa Fouzder >>

(17 August 2023)

As another cohort of aspiring lawyers awaits exam results, the Solicitors Regulation Authority has issued a call-out for more solicitors to help assess future candidates.

The regulator announced this week it is looking for experienced solicitors to join its pool of examiners for the SQE2 live oral advocacy assessments.

Potential examiners will need to attend an online selection event, where they will learn about the assessment methodology and practice marking. This will be unpaid.

Solicitors successful in joining the regulator’s pool of examiners may be called to participate in a three-day assessment period – one day of training and two days of assessing. Solicitors will be paid for assessment work.

The Gazette has asked about rates of pay, which are not disclosed in the SRA’s announcement.

To test advocacy skills, SQE2 candidates are given a case study on which they will conduct a piece of courtroom advocacy. They are told which court they are appearing and, where relevant, given a file of documents. They have 45 minutes to prepare, then 15 minutes to make submissions to a judge – who is played by a solicitor. The solicitor will assess their skills and application of law.

The skills that are assessed include use of appropriate language and behaviour and including all key relevant facts. On application of law, examiners will assess candidates on whether they have applied the law comprehensively to the client’s situation, identifying ethical and professional conduct issues.

Solicitors interested in becoming a SQE2 assessor must complete an online form by 7 September.

Candidates who sat SQE2 exams in April will receive their results next Tuesday (22 August).

(Courtesy: The Law Society Gazette)