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Services & Pricing

What Services are Included In Our Pricing?

  • Initial attendance and consideration of the options and assessing most appropriate way forward based on client’s circumstances.
  • Determining if the deceased had a will.
  • Determining Assets.
  • Notifying third parties of the death i.e financial institutions (Banks, Building Societies, etc), utilities companies.
  • Placing statutory notices in newspapers to advertise for any unknown creditors.
  • If there is a Will, advising on trust arrangements and distributing assets and monies.
  • If there is no Will (Intestate), advising on next steps and applying for Letters of Administration.
  • Obtaining valuation for property and its contents and other assets.
  • Determining who is entitled, in the situation of intestate, to be the Personal Representative of the Estate.
  • Determining who are in the situation of intestate, the beneficiaries of the intestate by reference to Intestacy Rules.
  • Save for a few exceptions, a petition for Grant of Probate is settled and filed with the appropriate Court.
  • Notification is served to any individual who may be legally entitled to receive property under the Intestacy Rules or selling the deceased’s property.
  • Selling shares or transferring shares to beneficiaries as directed under the Will or intestate.
  • Notified individuals may file a formal objection to the Grant of Probate.
  • Preparing the Oath and submitting the Probate Application then preparing a final estate account. 
  • The matter usually proceeds to a hearing and any further preparation for the hearing.
  • Advising on post death concerns.

Should there be any property in the deceased assets, we can advise you to instruct Team MT UK (Conveyancing Department) to assist.  The services, fees and disbursements will be separately charged and are available under our Conveyancing page.

Third Party Disbursements

All third party disbursements will be charged separately. Value Added Tax (VAT) at a prevailing rate will be added to each fee note.

Anticipated disbursements are as follows:

  • Any court fee; find updated list of court fees
  • Swearing of Oath fees of £5.00 – £10.00 per executor
  • Law Society Gazette Wills and Whereabouts advertisements charges of £300.00 – £500.00 (Plus VAT)
  • London Gazette advertisement to protect against creditors £150.00 (Plus VAT)

MT UK will indicate at the earliest opportunity and before any such fees are incurred to yourself, if any of these are applicable.

Approximate Timescales

  • On average, estates are likely to be dealt between 3 months to 18 months from initial instructions.
  • Obtaining Letter of Administration is likely to take 6 – 25 weeks from initial instructions. 
  • Collecting Assets can take between 6 to 15 weeks from obtaining the Grant of Probate.
  • Distribution of the assets is likely to take 2 to 4 weeks from collecting assets. 

It is worth noting that the anticipated number of hours and fees are an estimate based as analysed above. Of course, MT UK can provide you much more accurate estimate once more information about your specific case is in hand. 

Our Probate Pricing

On average probate work can spread from 10 hours – 25 hours of work. 

The exact number of hours depend on the circumstances including the complexity of the case. Costs are likely to be at the lower end range if the case is straightforward.

Costs can be on average between £3,500.00 (Plus VAT) to £9,000.00 (Plus VAT). 

In certain circumstances, there can be plus value element being between 0.75% of property value and 1% of liquid value in line with the Law Society Guidelines. 

MT UK hourly rates are as listed below:

Directors – £375.00 + VAT (20%)
Solicitors – £340.00 + VAT (20%)
Trainee Solicitors – £250.00 + VAT (20%)
Paralegals – £190.00 + VAT (20%)