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Public Law

“Public Law is not at base about rights, even though abuses of power may and often do invade private rights; it is about wrongs – that is to say, misuses of public power.” Sedly J in R v Somerset CC ex parte Dixon.

MT UK Solicitors provide practiced and strategic advice and representation to its clients. The decisions of public bodies, where there is no right appeal, can be subject to judicial review.

We aim to provide all our clients’ quality assistance and support on legal matters and tailor our advice to client’s specific situation.

We are cost effective and competitive making every effort to suit your budget.

Our Public Law services include:

  • Judicial review
  • Complaints procedures
  • Ombudsman Schemes
  • Public rights of way
  • Tribunal, statutory and inquiry work
  • Data protection
  • Procedural fairness and human rights

Team MT UK (Public Law Department)

Shireen Tramboo


Mrs Tramboo is the head of the Asylum, Human Rights and Immigration department at MT UK

A. Majid Tramboo

Principal Solicitor/Director

Mr Tramboo is the founder of MT UK Solicitors has a wide ranging practice.