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Muhammad Bilal Khurshid


MBA                                UNIVERSITY OF WEST OF SCOTLAND ( LONDON )

LLM                                   ANGLIA RUSKIN UNIVERSITY ( CAMBRIDGE )

LLB                                         UNIVERSITY OF PUNJAB ( LAHORE )

BA                                           UNIVERSITY OF PUNJAB ( LAHORE )

Role at  MT UK

Muhammad Bilal has joined the firm in 2019. He is responsible for the firm’s public image, handling Social Media enquiries and working to proactively secure high-quality press for the firm and its employees across all the departments and locations.

He is an energetic and ambitious person having good Communication and Management skills. He likes to make friends, work in a team and can deal with stressful situations in very calm and professional manner.

Personal Interests

He loves to travel and work as a volunteer for charity events or for any good cause. In his free time, he likes to listen music, watching movies and spend time with family.