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Students, under the current Immigration Rules, are dealt with under the points-based system of entry to the UK.

There are two main types of student categories in Tier 4 (General) Student, Adult Students for post 16 education and Child Students or a Tier 4 (Child) Student that covers children aged between 4 and 17.

All Tier 4 students must apply for entry clearance. As part of the visa regime or entry certificate application, prospective students must produce certain crucial documentation including a Confirmation of Acceptance for studies (CAS) from a Home Office Approved Education Provider (a licence from Home Office).

Team MT UK (Immigration & Human Rights Department), experts on student visas, can provide you advice and assistance to be compliant with the point-based system and in particular on the following:

  • Who is a student
  • Sponsorship: approved education provider
  • Tier 4 (General) student
  • Leave to enter the UK
  • Extension of student visa
  • What can Tier 4 (General) Student do besides studying
  • Family members of a Tier 4 (General) Student
  • Who can switch to become a Tier 4 (General) Student
  • Tier 4 (General) Student switching to another category

So contact Team MT UK (Immigration & Human Rights Department) for that specialist advice and representation.

Services Provided

  • Receiving your instructions and analysing the same.
  • Advising you on law, procedure and evidence – all legal requirements under the Immigration rules including points based scheme.
  • Advising you on crucial documentary evidence such as documentation from approved education provider including “confirmation of acceptance for studies” (CAS).
  • Collating and verifying all the evidence.
  • Preparing and settling the required written representation covering factual background, legal framework and submissions for a student visa/ extension.
  • Advising on the outcome of the application, if successful, advising on undertaking paid or unpaid work within your visa status.


i. Application submission

Applications from instructions received, on average, is likely to take up between 2 – 9 weeks depending on which service is used (Normal, Priority or Super Priority) and complexity of the case.  MT UK will indicate at the earliest opportunity if the matter is likely to take longer than the above period.

ii. Application decision

MT UK cannot predict the outcome of your application.  To find out more about the Home Office/ECO processing and decision timescale, visit the Home Office/ECO related website. 


Category of Costs: Agreed/Fixed Costs

Costs: Average from £1,500.00

(All quoted figures exclude VAT unless specifically stated; if chargeable, VAT shall be charged @ 20%).

On average, this type of work takes 9 to 12 hours to complete.  The precise number of hours depend on the complexity of the case.

Costs quoted do not include:

(All quoted figures exclude VAT unless specifically stated; if chargeable, VAT shall be charged @ 20%).

Who will carry out the work:

  • Solicitor/Director assisted by a Paralegal
  • All work supervised by the concerned Director