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Licenced Sponsorship

For UK employers to hire overseas labour/migrants must have a sponsorship license granted by the Home Office. This follows that an employer must submit a formal application to the Home Office to obtain the required sponsorship licence. There are several requirements that an employer must satisfy before a license is granted.

Team MT UK (Immigration and Humans Rights Department) have specialist business immigration lawyers who can advise on and guide you through the sponsor licence application process including supporting documentation necessary for the application. Team MT UK will assist you if your application is refused or if you wish to renew your sponsorship licence.

Services Provided

  • Receiving your instructions and analysing the same.
  • Advising you on law and procedure – all requirements under the immigration rules.
  • Collating and verifying all the evidence including experts in relation to your licence application.
  • Providing with full support, from initially assessing the merits to apply for the licenced sponsorship, on documentation required; completing and submitting the licenced application (include application for the renewal of the licence or cos) to the Home Office.
  • Preparing and settling the bespoke written representation covering the background, legal framework, compliance adherence and submissions to the Home Office.
  • Advising on the outcome of the application including any further steps to be taken; advising on if the Judicial Review proceedings are appropriate.


i. Application submission

Applications from instructions received, on average, is likely to take up between 6 – 8 weeks depending on which service is used (Normal, Priority or Super Priority) and complexity of the case.  MT UK will indicate at the earliest opportunity if the matter is likely to take longer than the above period.

ii. Application decision

MT UK cannot predict the outcome of your application.  To find out more about the Home Office processing and decision timescales, visit the Home Office related website.


Category of Costs: Agreed/Fixed Costs

Costs: Average costs from £9,500.00

(All quoted figures exclude VAT unless specifically stated; if chargeable, VAT shall be charged @ 20%).

On average this type of work takes 30 hours to complete.  Nonetheless, number of hours depend on the complexity of the case.

Costs quoted do not include:

(All quoted figures exclude VAT unless specifically stated; if chargeable, VAT shall be charged @ 20%).

Who will carry out the work:

  • Solicitor/Director assisted by a Paralegal
  • All work supervised by the concerned Director