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What Services are Included in our pricing?

What is included in our pricing:

Broadly speaking in general terms, the following factors are covered but each case has its peculiarities which could involve more factors!

  • Advising on law, procedure and evidence;
  • Collating and combining all the evidence;
  • Completing and updating all the mandatory application forms;
  • Preparing and settling the required representations covering factual background, legal framework and submissions;
  • Analysing and advising on the immigration decision including way forward;
  • Completing the appeal form with grounds, if applicable;
  • Completing the judicial review form with grounds, if applicable;
  • Preparing and settling all the documentary evidence in a bundle form for the appeal/ JR proceedings;
  • Instructing and preparing brief to counsel where necessary;
  • Preparing and settling bail application, where required, including settling all the documentary evidence in a bundle form; and
  • Analysing the decisions of the Tribunals and advising whether to take the matter to the higher courts i.e. Court of Appeal.