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Emergency: 0750 625 5550

MT UK FAQs Regarding Coronavirus

It is important that the health of our clients and staff remain the priority for Team MT UK in all the circumstances. We are operating as business as usual albeit with some restrictions. 

Am I able to get in touch with my lawyer?

If you are our client or even a potentially new client – we are still available at normal business hours through the following means:

  • Email – is regularly checked and our response time is as normal or please contact your allocated solicitor;
  • Phone – Our Phone line, 0203 319 3643 continues to operate and can be connected to our staff who may be remotely working from home and in any event our emergency line, 0750 625 5550 continues to operate as normal;
  • Post – Our Head Office in Twickenham continues to receive post regularly and this form of communication is encourages. In respect of our City Office, see below.

I am a Client of the City Office (Lincolns Inn Fields, Holborn), is that Office still open?

Unfortunately because most of our clients and staff who are allocated to this office need to use public transport in order to reach this location, Team MT UK have taken the decision to temporarily close its City Office. However, our fee earners who are located there continue to work remotely and will receive your emails and phone calls. In the interim, files that were at the City Office are likely to have been transferred to the Head Office, please contact your allocated Solicitor for more information or email us directly.

Does this mean your Head Office remains open?

Our Head Office is open but only for absolutely essential and necessary client meetings and absolutely essential and necessary work. However, this is subject to change. Ultimately, our main operations are in Twickenham and thankfully our directors have the means to keep this Office open.

So can I arrange a Client Meeting?

In limited circumstances, yes. You will need to contact your Solicitor on your case for more info. However, our first port of call is to limit client meetings unless it is essential and necessary. It is important to protect each other in these times. Nonetheless, if a situation arises where a client meeting is absolutely necessary then please expect hygiene measures to be deployed. We will kindly ask you to use our sanitising products so that any potential transmission can be eliminated. It is important that we protect you and staff in these times.

In any event, you will find that most client meetings are possible by phone, email or even video conference and it will be not required in most circumstances.

How can you operate remotely?

Thanks to our robust infrastructure, committed team, and state of the art technology  – we are able to continue to deliver legal solutions to all no matter our location. Our case management system is operational and Team MT UK will be able to operate despite these pressing circumstances.

What about my upcoming Court hearing?

During the coming weeks and months, the court system will change to enable hearings to be conducted remotely by telephone or video conferencing. This will enable clients to continue to access our justice system without having to physically attend court (in most cases). Should you wish to understand this in greater detail please do not hesitate to call us and we can provide you with the most up to date guidance from the Lord Chief Justice’s office.

Can I get in touch with you – I am a new client

Yes, Team MT UK welcomes new instructions and we have more than adequate means to continue to take instructions from prospective clients. It is our aim to deliver clear legal solutions to all. Please see our contact page here.