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Storm Eunice: court users may experience ‘some disruption’

By Monidipa Fouzder >>

(18 February 2022)

HM Courts & Tribunals Service has told people attending court in person today that they may experience ‘some disruption’ as a result of Storm Eunice, which is forecast to bring gusts of up to 90mph.

HMCTS tweeted yesterday that it was working with the judiciary to review all court and tribunal lists and identify essential work that must continue today. ‘We’ll only contact you if there’s a change to the arrangements for your proceedings,’ the agency said.

In an update this morning, it said: ‘If you’re attending a court or tribunal hearing in person today in the south east or London region, in the additional Met Office red zone, you may experience some disruption…

‘If you’re concerned about travelling to your hearing and we have not been in touch, please contact the court or tribunal for further advice.’

Family barrister Nadia Tawfik tweeted this morning: ‘It’s absolutely shocking that certain (Crown) courts are insisting on in person attendance today given we are in a red zone, particularly when so many other schools and other public organisations are closed. I wonder if a risk assessment has been carried out, HMCTS?’

After HMCTS replied, Tawfik said: ‘Disruption to hearings is to be expected in these exceptional circumstances. But the court was contacted and despite being in a red zone parties and advocates were told to travel. Almost all nurseries and schools in the area are closed.’

Trials have been halted at Maidstone Crown Court according to local court reporter Julia Roberts.

(Courtesy: The Law Society Gazette)