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PRACTICE CoA advertising for full-time judicial assistants

By Gazette Reporter  >>

New entrants to the legal profession are being offered the chance to gain experience at the Court of Appeal bench in the latest round of recruitment for judicial assistants. HM Judiciary is advertising 21 fixed-term 10-month posts as assistants to the CoA civil division.

Assistants will be assigned to justices of appeal to help in preparing cases by analysis of the appeal papers, legal research and the drafting of summaries. From time to time they are requested to assist with research into specific subjects of interest in the law or the administration of justice, the advertisement states.

While there is ‘no fixed profile’ for successful applicants, the scheme is intended to provide entrants to the legal profession with an opportunity to work at close quarters with judicial members of the court, to view the appeals process and to appreciate appellate advocacy at close quarters.

The advertisment cautions that: ’Candidates should understand that a judicial assistant works full time. It is not possible to conduct professional practice or to devote significant time to external study while working as a judicial assistant.’

(Courtesy: Law Gazette Society)