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Top law school reassures students following backlash over online teaching

By Jemma Slingo  >>

Legal educator BPP has assured students that face-to-face teaching will resume as soon as it is safe, after a backlash from bar school students who were told classes would stay online until at least March.

Andrew Chadwick, dean of BPP University Law School, said an ‘inaccurate’ email had been sent to some students on the Barrister Training Course stating teaching from January to mid-March would be delivered solely online.

Bar school students at BPP were told teaching would remain online all of next term.

‘As of today, we are continuing with our commitment to deliver all courses on the dates scheduled using our market leading online technology, but crucially with the resounding commitment to return to face-to-face teaching as soon as safe to do so,’ Chadwick wrote.

Students had reacted angrily to the original communication, claiming BPP was adopting a ‘substantially more aggressive approach’ than recommended by the government, which has allowed in person teaching to continue throughout lockdown.

Chadwick told students: ‘Our priority has continued to be ensuring your safety, whilst providing a consistent and continued high level of teaching and experience. For this reason, whilst some other universities have committed to some elements of face-to-face delivery, the ever-changing guidance has caused a significant adverse impact and disruption to studies that we are keen to avoid.’

Campuses at the University of Law have been open for face-to-face teaching since September. The university said they will remain open throughout lockdown.

(Courtesy: The Law Society Gazette)