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Super-exam could stymie talent

By Chloe Smith » The Law Society has called for more detail on a new ‘super-examination’ for aspiring solicitors, warning that it could dilute professional standards and adversely affect clients. Chancery Lane has also criticised the Solicitors Regulation Authority for making ‘piecemeal’ announcements on training reform, failing to flesh out plans for on-the-job training and the content of new centralised assessments. In its formal response to the SRA’s consultation on the Solicitors Qualifying Examination, Chancery Lane also voices fears that the plans could deny access to the ‘best talent’, with no evidence the new entry route would be any cheaper than the current regime. ‘We are not convinced the SRA’s plans will result in standards being maintained and we know that many in the profession feel the same way,’ said president Jonathan Smithers.


[Courtesy – The Law Society Gazette]