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SRA deluged over SQE

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has received a deluge of concerned responses to its plans to introduce a centralised ‘super examination’ for would-be solicitors. The regulator said it received 250 submissions to its consultation on the Solicitors Qualifying Examination, 200 of which have raised either minor or serious concerns. The City of London Law Society warned that the proposals, which would remove the need for solicitors to have a degree to enter the law, could create a ‘two-tier’ profession. It said most City firms would continue to recruit only those with degrees or equivalent, while those who have qualified by taking the SQE without having completed a degree-level qualification would be less employable. The CLLS said: ‘The SRA’s proposal to “sheepdip” solicitors though this process runs counter to the realities of the practice of solicitors.’


[Courtesy – The Law Society Gazette]