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“New Normal”


First Week of the “New Normal”

London: 27 May 2020; Following the Prime Minister’s 10 Downing Street announcement on 11 May 2020 in which he laid down measures to gradually ease the lockdown, Team MT UK had an open discussion to consider the possibility to re-open the offices based in Twickenham and Holborn.  Following the consultation, the Management of MT UK analysed the Government guidelines for Covid Safe premises and as a result formulated [in line with its Business Continuity Management (BCM)] its own Business Interruption Policy (BIP). The objective of the BIP is to ensure making the working premises Covid Safe and to be fully compliant with the SRA Code of Conduct in delivering its key services (including critical services) to our clients with competence and in total compliance. Prior to re-opening the two offices and pursuant to its BIP, both offices are stocked with face masks, latex gloves, hand gels and anti-bacterial wipes to protect Team MT UK at the relevant sites.

MT UK endeavours to deliver its services in accordance with the commitment “Safe & Smart Working Under Social Distancing”.


Indeed Safe & Smart Office Working Under Social Distancing in our offices are primarily achieved with the following guidelines:

  • Team MT UK working in their known nominated rooms and/or work space;
  • No more than 3 Team MT UK members shall be in attendance at the office premises; the 4th Team Member may attend the office by arrangement and upon attendance use a separate room/work space;
  • Communication among Team MT UK shall be primarily via the internal telephone system or email; where physical communication is unavoidable, it is mandatory to maintain social distancing by a minimum of two meters, MT UK is exploring the possibility of installing video tele-communication;
  • Communication with clients should be encouraged via telephone, email, skype, zoom or other applications (that can run face to face video conferences); where a meeting is unavoidable or absolutely necessary, maintain strict social distancing in the reception area or the meeting room;
  • In terms of wash room use for clients, this should be discouraged and the distribution of food and or water is to be restricted. Clients will also be limited from entering the office premises beyond the reception and meeting room;
  • Sanitisers, gloves and masks shall be available for use on the premises; and
  • Team MT UK either to walk or cycle to work but in unavoidable situations sharing a car to work must be considered avoiding public transport.

On Monday 18 May 2020 MT UK both offices were re-opened.

The first week’s return to the office was an eerie sight as Holborn had not looked this empty in what would be classed as a normal working day pre-COVID-19.  MT UK is one of the first SME firms which have taken this step forward of the ‘new normal’.  MT UK will continue to follow the Government’s guidelines and monitor the situation as it changes but steps are being taken to adjust to the new normal and ensuring that business continues as normal.

Every day will present a new challenge, but we express to everyone during these times to “Stay Alert & Stay Safe”.