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“A Question of Trust” Campaign

SRA’s “A question of trust” campaign was launched at SRA Board on 15 July.

Principles such as honesty and independence are at the heart of solicitors’ professionalism, and SRA want to understand what that means in practice.

The campaign features a series of roadshows, networking events, public events, an online survey, public meetings and a formal public consultation on professional standards, all taking place between September 2015 and January 2016. By taking part in this ground-breaking campaign, it will help SRA to establish “common ground” on what is a serious breach of the standards expected of a solicitor, and what should happen when things do go wrong.

SRA will pose a series of quick-fire scenarios and dilemmas for to vote on completely anonymously. SRA promises a lively discussion on the outcomes.

[Courtesy: SRA update]