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Press Release

London: 24 June 2024 – Team MT UK along with other 18000 walkers have celebrated 20th anniversary London Legal Walk on 18 June 2024. Legal professionals from England and Wales with Team MT UK started the Legal Walk from Carry Street to raise funds for the London Legal Support Trust (LLST), an independent Charity Trust that helps and support people in getting free legal advice in London and South-East.

A huge thank you to every participant, volunteer, supporter, donor then solicitors, barristers, and other legal professionals who took part in the London Legal Walk 2024 to make this event a year’s biggest in 20-year history. It is indeed one of the largest annual gatherings of legal professionals in the world.

A big thanks to Mr Hamza Tramboo (Solicitor/Director) at MT UK and the entire Team from both offices to participate consecutively for the 5th year to sponsor this Legal Walk to raise funds and to support this noble cause which enable people for having free access to justice.

Team MT UK continues to raise its donations on its donation page. You can still donate and support Team MT UK @

The donation page will remain live for a further 3 months as advised by the Trust so there is still plenty of time to support the cause, and do a final ask to friends, family and colleagues. Together we have raised £850,000.00 so far and aiming to cross a set target of £1 million.

Team MT UK will continue to take part in these events, to fulfil its Corporate Social Responsibility by making sure the welfare of the society stays on top and by raising more funds for the people who cannot afford to pay for their legal services,

We look forward to joining London Legal Walk 2025.