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Shireen Tramboo



Mrs Tramboo qualified as a Solicitor from the Law Society of England and Wales in January 2016. She is currently working at the Head Office.


Mrs Tramboo undertook her Graduate Diploma in Law and LPC at the University of Westminster, UK.


Mrs Tramboo has a broad experience in Human Rights (HR), International Humanitarian Law (IHL), Immigration Law & Procedure and Family Law since she started with MT UK Solicitors in 2013. Before that she was an Immigration Advisor at Tramboo & Company. She has continually handled and resolved complex HR, IHL, Immigration Law & Procedure and Family cases on a daily basis.

Her clients have been vocal and praiseful of the work she has undertaken for them and she has the tenacity to effectively resolve her clients matters which are incredibly sensitive to them.

Personal Interests

Her interests are reading, listening to music, cooking, gym and theatre.