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Professional Negligence

At MT UK Solicitors we handle all professional negligence claims with sympathy offering practical and focused advice. Whilst it maybe idealistic to expect perfect service, professionals such as financial advisors, surveyors, solicitors or any other position that require specialist knowledge, they are under duty of care to carry out work to a good standard. Professional negligence occurs when a professional breaks his duty of care as a result one suffers a loss.

We are expert providers of dispute resolution for business and individuals. Claiming redress following professional negligence can be a complex process. However, we endeavour to prosecute your case with the necessary skill and determination.

We are conscious of issues such as affordability, funding and costs to institute a claim. We will of course discuss funding options right at the outset ensuring you are making the right decision. Following an assessment by MT UK Solicitors, we work on “No Win No Fee” basis. This means that there will be no cost to you if the claim is not successful or under a conditional fee Agreement. So if you think you are the victim of professional negligence, get in touch with us, we are here to help.

Our Professional Negligence Services include:

  • Financial Negligence
  • Property Negligence
  • Solicitor Negligence
  • Assessment of claims

Team MT UK (Professional Negligence Department)

A. Majid Tramboo

Principal Solicitor/Director

Mr Tramboo is the founder of MT UK Solicitors has a wide ranging practice.

K. J. S. Sohal

Senior Solicitor/Director

Admitted to the Rolls in 1986, Mr Sohal is head of the litigation and conveyancing department at MT UK