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Selling A House

Perhaps selling a house is a big deal for most people and it involves sums that are usually in reference to purchase another home. At MT UK, we understand that, as time is precious, you would want to ensure the sale of your property is timely, robust and effective to your benefit. The sale of your property should be without fuss or hassle.

Efficient Selling

MT UK understands that selling a house can be a pressure situation and it can be stressful having to deal with various chains of communication. At MT UK, we are here to ensure that communication with us is streamlined and smooth. With the growth of modern technology, you need not necessarily need to arrange time off to come and see us. Therefore,  we aim to keep you regularly updated through email, phone and post.


Safety, security and confidence is what one thinks when they sign a contract off which sells their property. Under the current law, until contracts are exchanged either party can still change their mind and the deal can fall through. As such, we are committed to progressing your sale to exchange of contracts as smoothly, quickly and efficiently as possible. This will give you the certainty you deserve and you will be legally protected. Upon exchange, the parties are committed.

Team MT UK (Conveyancing Department) will provide you that expert assistance in selling your house.