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Audit and Consulting

As a business employing overseas labour/migrants, licensed sponsors have significant duties and responsibilities to comply with. There could be potential adverse consequences if a licensed sponsor is failing in its duties and responsibilities.

Home Office often conducts unannounced/announced visit to licenced sponsors at their premises to ensure compliance with their duties and responsibilities pursuant to the immigration rules.

Team MT UK (Immigration and Human Rights Department) has an in-depth understating with immigration audits and can advise, assist and support licensed sponsors with on spot compliance visit or planned audits. Further, Team MT UK offers licensed sponsors bespoke advice and assistance on compliance issues including full compliance services which includes reporting any changes to your business structure or migrant’s change of circumstances.

Services Provided

  • Providing in-house training to the business owners and exployees of the organisation SMS best practice, reporting and updates.
  • Advising on immigration due diligence including right to work with checks and the prevention of illegal working.
  • Advising on all aspects of employing overseas workforce.
  • Arranging mock immigration audits to assess your systems and providing written recommendations.
  • Preparing and settling bespoke legal representation in response to the Home Office audit/compliance visits and advising you accordingly.


Category of Costs: Agreed/Fixed Costs

Costs: Average costs from £4,000.00

(All quoted figures exclude VAT unless specifically stated; if chargeable, VAT shall be charged @ 20%).

On average this type of work takes 20 hours to complete.  Nonetheless, number of hours depend on the complexity of the case.

Costs quoted do not include:

(All quoted figures exclude VAT unless specifically stated; if chargeable, VAT shall be charged @ 20%).

Who will carry out the work:

  • Solicitor/Director assisted by a Paralegal
  • All work supervised by the concerned Director